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If you dont want online make order and need get more information,you can go our Reseller Shop Order and make payment

Our Reseller will help you Clearly understand to make order and payment,simple and safe

After you make order,If the stock is missing or cant get the items,we will 100% fully refund payment to you,or another option is help you order againCustomer No Need Pay Any Fee).....Reseller Shop also is same need worry you cant get the items,just give us confident and make order with us...Thanks

Reseller Shop Address:

1) Mid Valley Megamall 3rd Floor,Shop Lot No T-058......Shop Name I Need House (03-22876266)  10am-9.50pm

2) Pudu Plaza Ground Floor,Shop Lot No U-D2....Shop Name Latexgift House (03-21104288)   10am-9.10pm

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