Easy Love Coman Rotating Friction Automatic Masturbation Cup

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  • Easy Love Coman Rotating Friction Automatic Masturbation Cup
  • For Men Masturbation
  • Auto Up & Down,Rotation&Sound Function
  • Induction Sound Function,Action More Strong Sound More Obscene,More Humanized&Enjoy
  • Double Hole & Entrance Design,More Comfortable to enjoy
  • Reuse,Easy Wash, No Smell, Super Tight, Strong Suction, Real Feel
  • Safe Non-Toxic And Phthalate-Free
  • SafeSkin Material Is Soft
  • Easy To Clean And Store
  • Enhance Pleasure of Feeling
  • Deeper Thrusting Action
  • Softness,Elasticity And Great Suction
  • 10 Different Mode Functions Of Up&Down,Rotation,Pulsation & Escalation
  • 10 Speed Control Of Up&Down,Rotation,Pulsation & Escalation
  • USB Charging Cable Included
  • Made In China