Kuma GSC Nendoroid 904 Fate/Grand Order Archer Ishtar Toys Figure

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  • Kuma GSC Nendoroid 904 Fate/Grand Order Archer Ishtar Toys Figure
  • Delicate Color,Full expression same with picture
  • Quantity For Ready Stock is Limited,Cherish The Opportunity for Collection
  • 100% Same with picture and original
  • Original Packing From Japan
  • Made In China



Note: This all toy figure wont make sure 100% perfect...when produce toys come out,maybe will get some little defect....its very normal...the little defect is maybe will get some paint off defect....this all not about the toys quality,is about sometimes produce skill wont 100% perfect...If really unlucky get little defeat,we wont take any responsibility,cause this all items when you open the box packing is no any warranty from supplier...If you is perfectionist,mind about the small defect and no any warranty,we suggest you consider clearly first before buying...Thank you for understanding...


Note: The largest in the world Manufacturer For Toys Figure all also in China,so mostly also is Made In China,please dont missunderstand made in Japan or see the product made in China than say not original.....Even in Japan toys figure also got over 90% is appoint China Manufacturer made it,just after finish process send back to Japan made packaging those.....so made in china also is original,just need customer recognize clearly the items and brand to make sure original....Our Toys Figure All also cooperation take stock with asian dealer,100% original....so no need worry about it...cause we just sell quality products...if got any not understand also can contact our customer service to know more details...Thanks



"Elegant, magnificent and daring!"

From the popular smartphone game "Fate/Grand Order" comes a Nendoroid of the Archer servant, Ishtar! She comes with three face plates including a standard face brimming with confidence, an authoritative goddess expression as well as an embarrassed expression for when she is caught off guard.

Her impressive Noble Phantasm "Maanna" is included together with a number of effect parts that allow you to recreate all sorts of different poses from the game in Nendoroid size! Be sure to summon the goddess into your collection!



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